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Royal Icing Transfers For Fall! Thanksgiving Dessert Collab

Published on 11 Dec 2018 / In Food & Health

Royal icing transfers are a big time saver if you plan ahead. Once they’re dry, you can keep them on hand so that they’re ready for you to place on top of a cookie, cupcake, or even into a dollop of whipped cream on a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving! You can see more Thanksgiving dessert tutorials from my friends Simply Bakings, The Squishy Monster, and Sweet y Salado on their YouTube channels.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Flat, portable surface such as a cake board or sheet tray. I prefer to use a rectangle piece of Plexiglass, which I purchased from a local glass repair and installation shop.
Waxed Paper
Masking Tape (to hold down the paper)
Round Template (Trace a 1-1/2″ round cookie cutter on a piece of paper)
Flood consistency royal icing
Medium consistency royal icing
Scribe tool
Round decorating tip number 2
Round decorating tip number 1
Optional: Roll out cookie dough (my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe is available in my tutorial shop)

Green = Wilton juniper green from the garden tone set
Red = Americolor tulip red + Americolor chocolate brown + a touch of Americolor super black
Brown (light, medium and dark) = Americolor chocolate brown + a touch of juniper green
Yellow = Wilton buttercup yellow from the garden tone set

When drying your transfers, place them in front of a fan so that they dry with a nice sheen. This will also help to ensure that your transfers dry quickly, which prevents them from becoming porous and fragile. Keep them in front of the fan for at least the first hour of drying time and allow them to dry completely (at least 8 hours) before removing them from the paper. Read this post on royal icing for more troubleshooting tips.

If you’re not going to be using the transfers right away, you can keep them in an airtight container for a few weeks until you’re ready to use them.

Royal icing transfers are easy to make and can be used to decorate all kinds of desserts including cookies!
See more Thanksgiving dessert recipes from my friends!
Simply Bakings: http://youtu.be/yKu7t6fkwNc
The Squishy Monster: http://youtu.be/k3uZOXBJOfs
Sweet Y Salado: http://youtu.be/TwJQLRsuIv0

See the full list of colors and supplies on my blog: http://www.sweetambs.com/?p=7408

COOKIE and ICING RECIPE in my tutorial shop: http://bit.ly/SweetAmbsCookieRecipe

Flood Consistency Royal Icing: http://www.sweetambs.com/?p=3532
Scribe Tool: http://bit.ly/ScribeTool

Share your cookie creations with me!
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