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PRODUCT REVIEW (2014): Chameleon Pens

Published on 10 Dec 2018 / In Product Reviews

Chameleon Color Tone Pens are an intriguing new product....but I think the hype is more than they warrant. Especially if you already color a lot with Copics. *************2015 UPDATE BELOW:

Note that this video was made especially for EXPERIENCED Copic users after CHA2014 when the company only had handmade sample pens; the information in this video was from their presentation in their booth.

At CHA2015 they showed me 'real' pens, not those handmade samples, and seemed to have resolved a few of the issues raised in this video. If they ever send the promised pens for me to test, I'll do an updated video and show you the product itself, and do a real demo. However, even after seeing the pens in 2015, I still don't believe they're a product for me or for anyone experienced with Copics (or whatever alcohol markers you have) and with a decent collection of pens.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Please see if your local store carries them and demos them, and assess the product yourself for your own use. You should do that with ANY purchase - YouTubers all have biases of their own ---some are paid to promote products--- and you may not agree with an assessment of any product after trying it yourself.

Thanks for stopping by - and happy coloring, whatever you use!

The pens are here if you want to check them out for yourself: http://salln.net/18txoYD

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