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How to Use Shoe Cushions to Make Your Heels Comfortable

Published on 16 Apr 2019 / In How-to & Style

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Megan and Ali from BridalShoesTV show you how to use shoe cushions to make your wedding shoes (or any shoes!) comfortable with a perfect fit. Every bride wants comfortable bridal shoes, and now you can make any pair feel great!

You may think you don't need shoe cushions, but the truth is that everyone can benefit from these amazing products. And with My Glass Slipper's free ground shipping when you buy $10 worth of shoe cushion products, the time couldn't be more right to invest in these sole savers. When you buy your shoes, you'll be paying for shipping anyway, so why not buy shoe cushions and have something to show for that cost? You need them both, so it's a win-win.

Even if you don't use cushions for your bridal shoes, we can guarantee you'll use them in another pair of heels at home. We bet you have some shoes in your closet that would see more action if they were more comfortable. How about that stunning pair of heels with a sling back strap that refuses to stay up. Or those killer platform pumps that look great but kill the balls of your feet after a few hours. Shoe cushions are the answer to all your discomfort dilemmas!

Today we'll show you how to use shoe cushions to achieve a perfect fit and hours of comfort in a variety of heels. First we have a classic peep-toe pump. This is a gorgeous shoe, but even the most beautiful shoes can leave your feet aching. A common problem in high heels is pain at the ball of the foot. A cushion in that spot makes all the difference. Here we have Tip Toes, the top-selling product from Foot Petals. If you don't fall in love with any of these other products, just buy Tip Toes; you can never have too many of these! Just adhere this to the insole at the ball of the foot, and the extra cushioning will alleviate discomfort and add much-needed support. Tip Toes pull double duty for women that also experience roomy heels. The pad hoists your foot back, providing a better fit throughout the shoe, including at the heels. Another common problem with pumps is discomfort at the back of the heel. Maybe the heel cap is rubbing painfully against your ankle, or maybe your heel is popping out of the shoe. A pad like Heavenly Heelz, which you place inside the heel cap, will work wonders to fix those common dilemmas.

In shoes with a lower heel height, such as this shoe, most of your weight rests on the heels of your feet. You need extra cushioning in that spot to alleviate discomfort and prevent aching. Just insert a heel pad, like Haute Heelz, and you'll get the extra padding you need for long-time wear. And if you want the best of both worlds -- cushioning at the ball of your foot and at your heel -- these Killer Kushionz are for you. It's a full-length pad, providing great comfort throughout the insole of the shoe.

Strappy slingback heels, like the beautiful shoe we have here, pose problems for many women -- the look is great, but the strap may not stay on properly or the strap may rub uncomfortably against your skin. These thin cushions, called Strappy Strips, are the answer. If your slingback won't stay on your ankle, this strip adds the necessary grip to make that strap stay in place. Or if your slingbacks are too tight and rub against your skin, Strappy Strips add a protective barrier that's smooth and comfortable; bye-bye, blisters! These are versatile stripes that can be used in any spot where there's discomfort. Strappy Strips are great for cushioning straps that might otherwise rub and irritate your skin. You can cut them so they're the perfect size for even the slimmest spots.

And what good would a great fit do if you're slipping and sliding in your fabulous heels? A lot of shoes have a polished shoe that makes them hard to walk in. Enter Sole Stopperz. This fabulous product sticks onto soles, adding instant traction for even the slickest surfaces. More and more we're seeing pretty soles in gorgeous colors, like hot pink and red -- you don't want to scuff up that pretty finish just to add traction, so this is the perfect product to keep you slip-free and keep your soles looking pretty.

As we've shown you today, there's a shoe cushion product to fix any fit concern, so you can get the most out of your beautiful heels. As long as you have $10 worth of foot cushion products in your cart, you'll automatically get free ground shipping for your My Glass Slipper order. This promotion also applies for purchases from BridalShoes.com and MetallicBridalShoes.com. Thanks for watching!

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