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How to Pass the Life & Health Insurance License Exam!--TESTivity Video Course Sample.

Published on 12 Dec 2018 / In Education

Here is a short clip that illustrates Matt's teaching style. Matt does not just tell you the information. Matt tells you why and how the information is relevant to the subject matter and makes it easy to understand, retain and most importantly...


When you are in the testing center YOU WILL BE staring at a question about "Entire Contract Clause".

You don't need a video of some "teacher" scribbling on a white board about general concepts with his back to you the whole time...

The TESTivity Video Course is interactive. After you see and hear a testable concept, you immediately reinforce the concept by answering a practice question to move the video along.

The TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience forces you to retain the information necessary to pass the Life and Health Insurance Exam.

While the interactive functionality of the course does not work on YouTube, please visit us at www.GetTheLicense.com to learn more!

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